Hololens Use Cases

Hololens Use Cases


There are over 50,000 HoloLens sold in the last couple of years. These HoloLenses are being used in various Industries and scenarios.
Use cases involve the use of the HoloLens benefits as in:
  • Explaining and interacting with 3 dimensional concepts visually that are hard to explain in 2D or hard to bring on site.
  • Showing digital models on top of physical ones taking advantage of location based information
  • Enhancing remote assistance or collaboration in 3D space to provide a sense of real presence.
  • Providing digital information to users when they can’t use their hands.
Below is a summary of the most well-known use cases divided into high level categories:

Remote assistance and collaboration

One of the most known HoloLens use case is its remote assistance use. Microsoft has already built an out of the box remote assistance solution called: Microsoft Remote Assist . Another use cases that could fall under this category is remote collaboration with users in a geographically disparate locations wants to collaborate using 3d models. With Hololens you can see, hear, and interact with remote participants in 3D as if they are actually present in the same physical space. Communicating and interacting with remote users becomes as natural as face-to-face communication.

Complex or Routine Tasks Guiding and Helping

Cases that involve routine long inspection, complex repairs could use the help of the HoloLens to increase productivity and avoid potential errors. Hololens can empower technical staff and field service engineers to do a more effective and more efficient job on the field. Users can review product composition and parts’ details, and see machine history to be aware of problems diagnosed earlier with the same machine. An example of a complex task is a surgeant opperating on a patient while displaying a life-size 3D version of a patient's anatomy on the actual patient based on MRI and CTI scans.

Customer Engagement

There are various use cases in this category all geared toward improving customer satisfaction. Such as the use cases related to showing models that are not available on site, or overlaying virtual elements over physical ones to show hidden physical parts or explain a procedure to a customer. One example is customizing and experiencing your own car design before sending it to be manufactured. Another exampleis sharing stories is about a service or a product where characters and images from the tale can appear in the customers' real world. A fully immersive experience with projections of the process or story of the product or service. Another example is creating a 3D image of how patients' face should look after surgery. Hololens can help reduce operating time by around 20% and increase patient satisfaction by around 25%.

Training and Education

One of the most useful use of the HoloLens is in training and education. Manufacturing companies are using it to train their technicians in complex scenarios. Using the Hololens is a safe way for companies to conduct training where dangerous activities can cause serious injury when mishandled by a novice. Universities too are using the HoloLens in educating their students. Students and teachers can have access to ready-to-go AR models and lesson plans where they can get immersed into their subject and have better educational experience and memory retention.

Space Planning

Planning a space by overlaying digital models on top of a physical space, enables planners, designers and architects and their clients to experience the design before it is built. Hololens empowers users to deal with the world in 3D and show the real scale and scope of a project. Real time graphics and data allows to visualize an immersive version of a project site, at any time, past, present or future.

Hands-free Tasks Helping

There are occasions where users need to use their hands while performing a particular tasks; such users will receive a boost in performance when using the HoloLens. One example is operating on a grand machinery, like a crane operator, in a dangerous environment that can cause serious injury if a real load were mishandled by a novice and where using your hands is important.

Data Visualization and Analysis

Hololens enables users to visualize, prepare and present data in an engaging ways. Users can interact with their data by animating it in front of them. This gives the user complete freedom of movement to view, manipulate and interrogate their 3D data, all controlled by the use of hand gestures and voice commands. Use cases from the management and planning industry are using Hololens to simulate systems that deliver better management and greater efficiency.

Helping Users with Accessibility Challenges

Hololens can be of major assistance in supporting users with accessibility challenges. One example is an application that supports blind people to navigate the space around them with more precision. Another application supports deaf people by translating natural language into American Sign Language (ASL) through a hologram.