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Buildwagon is an online Mixed Reality development platform. It is a cloud based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that lets you write Mixed Reality applications using just your browser. Currently fully supporting a range of mixed reality devices from the HoloLens 1 and HoloLens 2, to other Mixed Reality devices. BuildWagon includes a code editor to write your code and an essential JavaScript library, so you do not need to install files or configure your machine to start developing. All you need is a browser, internet connection, and basic JavaScript knowledge. As a web based platform, your applications are accessible directly in a browser or are able to run on Mixed Reality device. That being said, with BuildWagon, you can always package your experience into your own branded app. The main focus of buildwagon is for any one to develop their own "metaverse" which they can use to explore new ways for humans and AI to work together. From collaborationg together, to bridging the digital and physical, or to building digital twins of your manufacturing processes in the cloud.

Currently supported Mixed Reality devices: HoloLens 1 and HoloLens 2

Partially supported devices: Windows Mixed Reality devices (HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung...), Android based devices (Android phones, Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro, Meta Quest 2, HTC Vive...), iOS based devices (Apple Vision Pro: work in progress)...

BuildWagon Mixed Reality platform

The platform consists of the following components:

BuildWagon Online Editor

The BuildWagon online editor is a web based editor to easily write your Javascript code using any web browser. Nothing to install, you just register an account and start coding in JavaScript

BuildWagon HoloBuild Library

HoloBuild contains a set of JavaScript components that will help you jumpstart your development process. It give you access to all the device features and more.

BuildWagon Viewer App

The BuildWagon viewer is a device specific application. You can load your project on the Hololens for example by scanning a QR code. If you changed your code then all you have to do is reload the app, with no need to build or deploy anything on the device.

  BuildWagon Online Editor

You can easily develop for the Hololens directly on your browser
No need to install anything.

BuildWagon editor

The online code editor available on the BuildWagon platform allows you to write code in Javascript and view the results either on the same screen or directly on your device.
Your code is hosted on the cloud, which allows multiple developers to collaborate on the same project from different locations around the globe.

You can try an example of the BuildWagon online editor and BuildWagon emulator yourself by following this link: Hololens Emulator or you can signup for free for the full version here: BuildWagon signup

  BuildWagon HoloBuild Library

You can quickly get started with development on BuildWagon by using ready-made components.

BuildWagon HoloBuild Library

Holobuild library

HoloBuild is our JavaScript library that provides you with ready-made components to expedite your Mixed Reality creation process and gives you access to device specfic features.

We live in a world where time is the most precious resource of all. You can now cut through the hassle and realize your visions in no-time.

You can check our HoloBuild library yourself by following this link: HoloBuild Library

  BuildWagon Viewer App

You can directly view the results of your code on your Hololens
No need to build or deploy.

Start the BuildWagon viewer app on the Hololens, enter your project address, or scan your project QR code, and click go. Your BuildWagon project will launch on your Hololens. If you update your BuildWagon project code, just resart the app on the Hololens and press "go" again for the updated code to launch again.
Check the below video for a demo:

You can check the source code of this example by following this link: Earth 3D and you can try it using the online emulator or using your Hololens

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A Hololens use case app

A use case demonstrating the BuildWagon development capabilities on the Hololens.

You can check our online Hololens development tutorial by following this link: Hololens Development Tutorial

Happy Hololens Developers

Join hundreds of satisfied developers using our Hololens development platform globally.

BuildWagon review 1

I am mainly developing web applications, that's why I like BuildWagon very much :) The user experience is very smooth.

BuildWagon review 2

I've literally never programmed in javascript before or done Hololens development, so it is going very smoothly on this platform.

BuildWagon review 3

BuildWagon allows me not to worry about the machine capability for the development tools. Here we do not download anything, we just need a pc with a web browser. The documentation is quite easy to understand.


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Hololens Development

Jump on the bandwagon of Hololens Development

We created the BuildWagon platform to help us develop for the Hololens, we thought it might help you too.

Microsoft Hololens is the first self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to engage with your digital content and interact with holograms in the world around you, in what is described as a mixed reality experience.

As technology pioneers, we wanted to create Hololens applications and be among the first to experiment with the new technology, but we realized that the process was costly, time consuming, and complicated. So we made it simple and fast.

BuildWagon allows you to create and experiment with Hololens solutions in a timely manner.
Our clients are now creating and customizing their own Hololens solutions, and putting it to market within days.

Simply because BuildWagon allows developers to create Hololens applications using the very simple language of Javascript, which is accessible to most developers. Our platform is cloud based, accessible from all browsers, and requires a minimal learning curve.

Hololens POC

BuildWagon advantages

Why develop with BuildWagon?

  • There is almost no learning curve to get started developing on BuildWagon.
  • You can start developing on BuildWagon using any computer that can run a browser.
  • You don’t even need a Hololens to get started on BuildWagon.
  • You just write your code on BuildWagon and check the result on your browser instantly.
  • With BuildWagon, you can benefit from a short develop-build-test time.
  • Web developers can build Hololens apps on BuildWagon the same way they build web applications using JavaScript.
  • You gain all the benefits of the web when developing with BuildWagon: making your application searchable, linkable with low friction no installation required.
  • You can share your BuildWagon built app with anyone by sending them just the project link.
  • With BuildWagon, you have a support line: the people who built the platform will help you with your development problems.
  • You have fewer things to worry about, as the BuildWagon platform is built for Hololens development in specific.
  • Buildwagon is not a generic game development platform which means it has a smaller base code, and hence lower memory usage compared to other engines.

Built with BuildWagon

Amazing applications are being built with BuildWagon. Get started on your own with our growing collection of examples.


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BuildWagon platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have any other questions, see our documentation or contact us.

What programming language do I need to know to develop Hololens apps?

For buildwagon, you only need a basic knowledge of Javascript to start developing. For development using other languages, check our Hololens Development guide.

What tools do I need to get started?

Just a web browser. The BuildWagon development environment provides you with an online code editor to write your JavaScript code and a web emulator to view your code results.

How do I run my code on a Hololens device?

We provide a Hololens application that will allow you to browse to your project, search for the BuildWagon app on the Microsoft Store. You can also package your code into your own branded app (BuildWagon Packager Feature).

What is the development recommended specs?

For our environment, there are no minimum requirements in terms of system specs. Any computer that can run a browser supporting WebGL test here.

How to develop for the Hololens on a Mac?

The BuildWagon development environment enables you to develop with a browser, you will be able to develop on a Mac or any other operating system.

How to learn Hololens development?

The easiest way is to follow the Hololens development tutorial.

Which cloud service is BuildWagon using?

We are azure based, BuildWagon @ Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Where are you listed?

We are listed at the Microsoft AppSource

Where can I check for the most common Hololens Use Cases?

The following link will give you an idea of the most beneficial Hololens Use Cases Hololens Use Cases

What happened to the Microsoft Hololens?

The following link will give you an idea about the HoloLens and its latest updates What happened to the Microsoft Hololens

I have other questions about the Hololens?

Check our FAQ about the Hololens

Do you have an example use case of buildwagon?

DepthXR is a VR for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry platform. This application currently target Oculus Quest devices for VR experience, and Hololens / mobile devices for AR experience

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